Costa Rica is more than a vacation destination; it is actually one of the top ranked places to relocate and for expats to move for work or just a change in scenery. No matter where you are from, if you are looking for somewhere friendly, welcoming and most of all, if you come from a land of winter and snow, warm Costa Rica is a great option.

Costa Rica actually ranked first of all expat destinations in the ”finding friends” category of the Expat Insider’s annual review and top expat destinations. The country boasts a good mix of both locals and expats/foreigners making cultural shock and barriers easier to adapt than in other countries or destinations.

Costa Rica is a peaceful country, making it appealing to all, especially those with children and families. The locals are known to be kind, open and welcoming. Beyond just friendly people, the country offers those who choose to relocate there international a great quality of life including solid education, safe and secure housing, accommodation, activities and access to resources.

Costa Rica has and still is making leaps and bounds in terms of many aspects of their quality of life; they seem to be focused on continuous improvement, having improved their financial, political, safety and education landscapes. Over two thirds of those living in Costa Rica indicated they are happy with their personal financial situation. The combination of friendliness and tranquility have nearly half of expats saying they could see themselves living in Costa Rica forever.

In order to relocate, you will need to ensure you have adequate and up to date documents as the country will only grant you an initial 90 day visa. After that, you or your company or employer may have to pay to establish residency. Ensure you know the requirements before moving your entire life there.