Reducing plastic waste is an important role for everybody in the community. Lately the government has promoted the responsibility of plastic reduction, as the world population increases and families growing faster with more needs all over the world.

Big brands and supermarkets have researched the the cheapest and easiest ways of providing more environmentally friendly packaging. Some of their ideas are simple ideas from a bygone era which are finally beginning to reach the market place.

The market branding of non plastic packaging is similar to organics products. The costs maybe slightly more at first, then decrease as the category normalizes and is adopted by the the major of shoppers and the main stream.

Green ideas for have even influenced technology with new retailers like amazon streamlining the complete shopping process. Items are automatically totaled and charged to your registered account on exit from the store. This cuts down on retail costs and packaging.

The future is set to be more streamlined with less contact . It should be a ubiquitous environment which is digital and free from cards and packaging. This makes online shopping an attractive prospect.

The government’s 25 year plan seems to repeat this. They have a commitment to the environment, reducing landfill from needless waste in food and other industries. With more efficiency comes competition and choice for consumers, ultimately providing further benefits at a lower price.

The bottle industry has reduced their use through manufacturing improvements meaning more bottles for less plastic,resulting in less impact on the environment.

This all is marketed as a lifestyle change, where consumer enjoy simple things and the core factors of life and well-being. This has been taken for granted in our busy modern lives.

Even popular wildlife programs have helped fuel the interest in green lifestyles. David Attenborough’s Blue Planet promotes nature, natural way of living and a gentler function akin to our surrounding environment in a peaceful, quite wonderful way.

It all sounds very zen.